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Hi I am KellySo a little about me lol not that people really read this part but I think its cool anyways sooooo west Philadelphia born and raised on the playground is where I spent most of my days okay okay sorry I always wanted to do that and now that I am the OWNER of my own company I guess I can do that!! But okay back to business cause obviously  I play all day.   So I was born in Dallas Texas November of 1994. I grew up going from foster home to foster home till I was finally adopted at the age of 14. Going through alot of moving around I learned to always be true to you and that your situation doesn't change your heart!! I would always express myself through Art and Fashion by doing little things as cutting up my shirts, tye dying my pants, i even made my own prom dress ( yes it was horrible) but it helped me stay true to Kelly. I graduated high school with all honors and was ready to take on the fashion world at UNT so I thought. welp adult life is a little different then in the movies (DONT GROW UP ITS A TRAP) I got pregnant with my first beautiful blessing and decided to take over the fashion world instead of just being another designer in it. yup I changed my major to business instead of design!! well at this point im 19 pregnant,  struggling in class and also trying to work to pay bills. Definitely  wasn't the best situation but i somehow found myself in homeless shelter for teen moms. There I was able to work and go to school, take parenting classes and also get free daycare for when my child was born!! that alone gave me peace of mind but also drive to be the best me so that i wont ever have to but myself in that position again! so now im in the rebuilding of Kelly stage! its okay to fall but you better get your butt up and give it another try. there has been many bumps along the road (another baby bump to be exact) but ypu keep pushing and learning. Now four years later, I have two beautiful daughters, a family and a degree in business Management oh yeah and my Own Company!!! 

so about this company that you guys are here for lol well we all know cannabis is the fastest growing industry especially with it being basically legal so why not take part in it?
Honestly guys i started this business off of a whelm!! I literally saw a post go viral on Facebook and alot of friends were sharing it and me just being little goofy Kelly said and i quote " i can easily make that and for cheaper" whelp i had 3 orders the next night smh i had never used a rolling tray in my life!!! i don't even smoke!! but hey I've never been a failure so i stayed up all night researching products and watching YouTube university till i finally got the basics down  the next week my shipment came in and  i got to work. I surely destroyed a few trays and wasted bunch of product and omg i totally didn't think about the time it took to create these . However i realized how calming it was, it gave me something to do with my time and it allowed my mind to just flow. slowly but surely i began t get out of this state of depression i had allowed myself to drift into. I pride myself on making custom glitters that sparkle in any light! from starting in the middle February i have made over 50 glitter tray sets and is now making glitter vanity sets that include my own eyelash and glitter gloss line and of course i had to add fashion with my Glitty apparel line!! it doesn't matter how your story starts, its up to you how you tell it!!
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